Variant: In Disguise as "A Cool Grown-Up Musician" - Episode: 6

This cosplay came about from several various factors that all culminated in it's creation.

Since I love cosplaying from Sailor Moon and often find myself poking around image galleries thinking of who/what outfits I should cosplay. I came across the picture for this outfit again and naturally was reminded that I had actually been thinking about cosplaying it a while ago and so I started entertaining the idea once again. Also my boyfriend was telling me I needed to cosplay more "sexy" characters and less "foofy little girls" since I had worked so hard to get in shape.

From start to debut I was working on this project for a month practically to the day.

Basic Info

  • Completed: October 2010
  • Debut: Bakuretsucon 2010
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Time Spent: 35 hours (approx.)
  • Estimated Cost: $225 (approx.)
  • Materials Used: Regular Lycra-Spandex, Stretch-Knit Poly-Blend, Cotton Knit Tights, Metal Findings, Leather


  • ♥~Top~♥
  • I used a nice white spandex to make the top. The top was a simple bodice pattern that I altered into a fitted cropped tank that had a split in the front middle. It's fully lined and has real metal grommets in white for the lacing to run through. The lacing is a nice flat elastic so that it has give when I'm getting into or out of it since there's no zipper in the top.

  • ♥~Leather Jacket~♥
  • I started with a real 80's vintage leather jacket that was way too big on me when it arrived. Before even touching the leather to do work on it I had to make a mock-up of a fitting jacket. Then I deconstructed the entire leather jacket. I had to pull-out the shoulder pads and remove an entire foot of leather in the main body just so it would fit properly. I also sliced the sleeves down the top of the arm to be in keeping with the references and add in the metal zippers to each. I swapped out the original buckle on the belt for a nicer new gold one, and also switched which sides the belt pieces were attached to, to remain in keeping with the anime.

  • ♥~Skirt~♥
  • I made the skirt from a nice thicker black fabric with a bit of stretch to it, perfect for a skirt. The skirt part itself is fairly basic micro mini that I finished in a few hours (it was the quickest piece to make for this cosplay)

    Attached to the skirt are the two side garter straps that were made from silver fabric scraps, leftover elastic, and some clips that I had in my hardware bin. (The garter straps are actually functional and do help to keep my thigh-highs up and in place)


  • ♥~Earrings~♥
  • I found a pair of simple gold plated sterling-silver base hoops at the mall. (I'm allergic to most earrings so I had to kind of hunt around for ones that I wouldn't have a problem with that also wouldn't break the bank.)

  • ♥~Stockings~♥
  • Since I could not find thigh-highs that looked anything like the reference. I ended up making them from two pairs of tights that I found down the street at a local store altered to have the proper look.

  • ♥~Shoes~♥
  • After a month of looking at all the local stores, I finally found as close to perfect as I could Online that were actually a reasonable price, and luckily they actually fit properly when arrived which was super exciting! And they are super cute too!


  • ♥~Luna~♥
  • In the episode Luna is Usagi's "accessory" so that they both can go into the bar; so the look just wouldn't be complete without a Luna and since I didn't have time to make a plush kitty fully from scratch, and the official plush Lunas I have just wouldn't work, I altered a pre-existing inexpensive plush I found Online. I took apart the plush, added a pose-able skeleton to it, then re-stuffed & reassembled it, painted the pinks of the ears, and made the moon & eyes both of which are removable.

  • ♥~CD~♥
  • For the case I just used a basic empty CD case I had lying around. For the cover art I carefully lifted and cleaned-up the art from a screen-cap of the CD in the episode and printed it out on a real CD insert.


  • ♥~Wig~♥
  • This wig is actually 2 wigs in one. I took the green punky-spikey wig and added all the long straight wefts from a matching color wig which I trimmed to the right length and gave the ends a slight curl. I then gave it a quick spritz with some green sharpie dye to dull the shine and to make it more accurate. Lastly I harvested a few wefts of red/burgundy for the bangs, which I blended together, and then sewed them in place. The bangs were styled by Sephygoth while I wore the wig.

  • Brand: Lacey
  • Style: Punky & Long Pageboy
  • Color: Green
  • Styling Time: 7 hours (approx.)


    The make-up was 80's inspired since the design felt very 80's/early 90's rocker-chick. Points of interest: the bright colorful eye-shadow, red lip-stick, and red nails like in the artwork & screen-shots.
  • ♥~Eyes~♥
  • I went for a bright 80's inspired eye pallet pulling colors from the outfit as well as adding some pink because it's Usagi.

  • ♥~Lips~♥
  • I used an 80's inspired bight red to match the leather jacket.

  • ♥~Nails~♥
  • I used matching bight red nail-polish to match the lips.


Katsucon 2011: Photos taken by Sephygoth

Bakuretsucon 2010: Photos taken by Sephygoth