Variant: Swimsuit

I had been wanting to design a swimsuit for a character I cosplayed for a while but never felt I got the right look/feel in my designs till finally in 2007 I designed this one for Temari. I wasn't able to make it in time for the Boston Beach Gathering in 2007 but I was able to complete it in time for AB 2008.

Making this cosplay was my third time working with spandex for a cosplay, but my first time ever making a swimsuit/bikini.

I designed and made the entire swimsuit myself drawing inspiration on Temari's second outfit since I loved it a lot, especially that particular color-combo.

Basic Info

  • Completed: March 2008
  • Debut: Anime Boston 2008
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Time Spent: 16 hours (approx.)
  • Estimated Cost: $50 (approx.)
  • Materials Used: Lycra-spandex, Twill, Duck, Metal


  • ♥~Bikini Top~♥
  • The top is a basic halter-style top that has an adjustable band around the base with a halter-tie style for the neck-strap. I made the top from a nice matte periwinkle spandex. It's all properly lined so I can wear it all in the pool without any worries.

  • ♥~Bikini Bottom~♥
  • The bottoms are simple bikini bottoms with a waistband and belt-loops to hold the sash. I made the bottoms from a navy spandex. It's all properly lined so I can wear it all in the pool without any worries.


  • ♥~Sash~♥
  • The sash is just a basic rectangular sash. I made the sash from a burgundy Lycra-spandex.

  • ♥~Hair Ties~♥
  • I purchased them from a local store and I totally lucked out finding ones that matched the color of my shirt.

  • ♥~Forehead Protector~♥
  • I used my regular Temari forehead protector. The forehead protector is a real metal plate from the official Naruto Sand-nin forehead protector that I transplanted on to a sewn "bandanna" of navy twill fabric that matches my skirt.

  • ♥~Ninja Sandals~♥
  • I used my regular Temair ninja sandals. Made from a pair of basic summer sandals and black duck. I created the pattern for these all on my own. The top part and the base sandals are permanently attached with shoe repair adhesive. (All edges are finished cause duck likes to fray.)


  • ♥~Mini Tessen (Fan)~♥
  • The mini-fan was made over Spring Break 2006 for fun when I couldn't carry around Temari's large fan, due to prop size restrictions by certain locations when I was in my other Temari cosplays, cause I just couldn't go without a fan. It was re-purposed for this cosplay since that made the most sense (so for those that are curious...yes, I did make it way before episode 16 of Shippūden came out...but it's still awesome cause that episode totally made my mini-fan cannon.)


  • ♥~Hair~♥
  • I use my real hair to style Temari's hair since I like how it looked way better than the wig I parted. It took several different techniques for me to finally settle one that I really loved.

  • Styling Time: 10-20 minutes each time (approx.)


Anime Boston 2008: Photo taken by Sephygoth & unknown

NOTE: I only got a few crummy pics at the pool and need to get some proper beach pics at some point...