Variant: Sailor Moon - Version 1

This was one of my dream cosplays. I had wanted to cosplay as Sailor Moon even before I knew what cosplay was so many years ago.

I started making this cosplay about 2 years ago in 2008 but due to various moves and changes in RL, I didn't have the chance to complete it until right before Otakon 2009 (it was so close for AB09 but I ran into last minute troubles). I didn't get a chance to wear it till Katsucon 2010. However, since it was fit a year before, it was a little too loose when I finally got to wear it...

Ultimately, I'm really happy with the results, it's rather comfy, and it's my favorite cosplay to date.

Basic Info

  • Completed: July 2009
  • Debut: Katsucon 2010
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Time Spent: 50 (approx.)
  • Estimated Cost: $40 (approx.)
  • Materials Used: Regular Lycra-Spandex, Heavy Lycra-Spandex, Moleskin, Casa Satin, Velvet Ribbon, Resin


  • ♥~Senshi Fuku~♥
  • I re-worked my Sailor Senshi pattern a bit for this version, including making a new pattern for the bows since they're a bit different than the Super version, as well as creating the pattern for the sleeves. I think the sailor fuku came out a lot better this time around, even though working with spandex is still a little troublesome for me. It's made from a matte spandex (blue & white), and a matte satin for the bows. The bodice and skirt are fully lined and the stripes on the collar are embroidered on.

  • ♥~Gloves & Glove Rolls~♥
  • The gloves are fresh but the glove rolls are still the ones I made for my Super Sailor Moon cosplay, they're a bit big but rather that then too small.


  • ♥~Brooch~♥
  • I sculpted and cast the broach, & the the gems.

  • ♥~Odango Shields~♥
  • I re-used the odnago shields I made for my Super Sailor Moon cosplay since they were still in good shape at the time. I sculpted the original from Sculpey and then made a mold & resin cast the two odango shields embedding the attachment method into the resin to make it more secure. Since this was before we had resin dyes for the non-translucent resins I had to paint all the pieces with an enamel paint and gold leafing to get the right look.

  • ♥~Earrings~♥
  • I sculpted the moon earrings and then used some faux pearls and earring studs to make the earrings. I absolutely love how the earrings came out. In most pictures they look like they're floating, which makes me so happy.

  • ♥~Choker~♥
  • The choker was made from some velvet ribbon and a resin moon that I sculpted then cast out of resin.

  • ♥~Boots~♥
  • I re-used the boots I had made for my Super Sailor Moon cosplay. The boots are actually permanently attached boot covers: the moons are embroidered on, and the soles are covered in a tan leather for traction and to match her boots.


  • ♥~Crescent Wand~♥
  • My wand is the official toy since I ran out of time to finish the one I was making.


  • ♥~Hair~♥
  • I style my real hair to achieve the look of Sailor Moon's hair

  • Styling Time: 10-30 minutes (approx.) each time


Photos taken by Sephygoth

Katsucon 2010: Photos taken by Baron Karza, coolsteel, Ollie, Dave of Refractor Productions, Eurobeat King,

Jewelry: Photo taken by Starlightslk