Variant: Clothes

I decided to make this costume less than two weeks prior to PAX East 2012 to be a matched pair with Sephygoth. I haven't technically played Skyrim yet but I've watched Sephygoth play it for hours & days & weeks on end; pretty much whenever he plays I'm watching it. I would have been playing with him but alas, its not a multi-player game and we only have one Xbox360, so I have to wait my turn, and I will as this game is so awesome!

Basic Info

  • Completed: March 2012
  • Debut: PAX East 2012
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Time Spent: 24 hours (approx.)
  • Estimated Cost: $60 (approx.)
  • Materials Used: Poly-Blend, Cotton, Leather, Duck, Embroidery Floss


  • ♥~Corset~♥
  • I made a fully steel-boned fitted, non-shaping corset out of duck (as I had the material in my stash), then covered it with leather to achieve the look of the corset in the game. I altered a commercial pattern to have the right look for the under layer of the corset since I was short on time. I just had to lengthen the back, as well as add a point in the back and front of the base. I then attached the leather over-corset, which I had patterned from scratch to match the look of the corset in the game with some slight modifications (namely where it laces up) due to time restrictions.

  • ♥~Dress~♥
  • I patterned the dress through combining and altering a few of my older patterns to get the right look. The dress was made out of a blue poly-blend fabric that I picked up while I was in NYC (an awesome $2/yd clearance fabric). The white under-layer was made from some basic white cotton. I added all the over-sized stitching by hand once the dress was fully assembled. I used a variety of embroidery floss, strings, lacing, & cording to add to the texture of the dress and make it look more rough and rustic. I eventually will add some distressing to the dress (using the techniques I learned when I worked on set) but I ran out of time prior to PAX East 2012 and there were no good mud puddles anywhere around for some quick distressing.


  • ♥~Boots~♥
  • The boots were found online, and I think they're pretty close, although they could probably use some alteration or at lest some straps of leather/dirt/something. Due to the lack of time, I used them as is



  • ♥~Hair~♥
  • I just used my hair. I had all sorts of plans to style it but I ran out of time to do anything really neat for PAX East 2012. But technically my hair like this is still in keeping with the game.

  • Styling Time: 10-15 minutes (approx.) each time


Photos taken by Mesoian

More Pictures Coming Soon!