Variant: Sailor Venus

I had been thinking of cosplaying Venus for a while since she's one of my favorites, and with Crystal coming out, ACP doing a casting Call for Sailor Venus, and actually having all the materials to make this cosplay on hand I thought it was the perfect time to finally do so! Thus this cosplay finally came to fruition. ♥

Basic Info

  • Completed: August 2014
  • Debut: Otakon 2014
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Time Spent: 30-40 (approx.)
  • Estimated Cost: $60 (approx.)
  • Materials Used: Regular Lycra-Spandex, Casa Satin, Resin


  • ♥~Senshi Fuku~♥
  • I refitted my basic fuku pattern for this cosplay. The main part is made from a high quality White Spandex and Orange Casa Satin. I used my updated skirt and collar pattern that I drafted earlier for Kagome. I used the Zan's pattern design for both the hip-roll and sleeve-rolls I just had to adapt the sizing to fit my fuku.

    I finally tried my hand at a pleated circle skirt which was kinda nerve-wracking but I am quite pleased with how it came out. I also did make the skirt a little longer due to the nature of the event I was creating it for (I didn't want it to be too, too short).

    I re-used Eternal Sailor Venus's front bow and I made a new back bow using Sparkle Pipsi's tutorial to match the other girls in the group. The front bow was made with Blue Casa Satin and the Back bow was made with yellow matte satin that I bought locally that matches casa satin in sheen, texture, and appearance.

    The collar stripe is top-stitched bias tape.

  • ♥~Gloves & Glove Rolls~♥
  • The gloves are brand new matte satin gloves I bought. The glove rolls were made from Orange Casa Satin using a variation on a glove roll tutorial.


  • ♥~Tiara, Brooches, Star Gems, & Earrings~♥
  • The brooch and tiara I wore at Otakon 2014 was made by Zan so that the whole group would all match. The clear brooch I have matches my Eternal booch/accessories and was purchased with a matching tiara jem from tsukinohime3 back in 2008. I made the earrings from Genuine Swarovski crystals. The brass tiara was bought as a blank from Catzias in 2009 & I added the matching gem I gotten from tsukinohime3.

  • ♥~Choker & Ankle Straps~♥
  • The choker and ankle straps are made from Orange Casa Satin.

  • ♥~Hair Bow~♥
  • I made the bow out of red casa satin, and it's a fully functional hair-bow.

  • ♥~Shoes~♥
  • The shoes I made from dance shoes that I had in my shoe stash that I altered and painted with a custom mixed to match orange paint for vinyl.


  • ♥~Crecent Cutter~♥
  • The Crecent Cutter is official US release merchandise.

  • ♥~Artemis Plushie~♥
  • The plushie is official merchandise from Japan.

  • ♥~Sailor V Mask~♥
  • I made it from glitter fun foam. I made the pattern based off of a combonation of Sailor V & Sailor Moon's masks as shown in the manga/artbooks.


  • ♥~Wig~♥
  • Purchased for Eternal Sailor Venus Dragon*con 2011, since stying my hair like hers in that humidity was next to impossible. I use this wig when on a time crunch which especially happens at conventions. I also don't know the brand or style since the wig shop I purchased it from in Atlanta removed the tag when I bought it.

  • Brand: unknown
  • Style: unknown
  • Color: Butterscotch
  • Styling Time: 5 minutes (approx.)


Photos taken by Shocktress

Otakon 2014: Photos taken by Knightmare6 Photography, & VATO915