Variant: Dress

I've wanted to cosplay Robin since I saw the series back in Spring 2004, but was greatly discouraged by the amount of Robin cosplayers at Anime Boston 2004, and recently I've finally gotten the inspiration to cosplay her once again.

I really love cosplaying her, it's such a fun and comfy cosplay, (and I actually get to have pockets and a purse) and it's another character that I can actually use my real hair for.

Basic Info

  • Completed: October 2006
  • Debut: Bakuretsucon 2006
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Time Spent: 20 hours (approx.)
  • Estimated Cost: $20 (approx.)
  • Materials Used: Cotton, Velvet, Velveteen


  • ♥~Dress~♥
  • The dress is made from a simple high-quality gray cotton with white cotton ruffles, that were made from spare fabric from a previous cosplay. The dress was a pretty basic pattern with a train and high collar. I combined two different base patterns, and Sephygoth helped me make the necessary modifications to the base pattern so it would be accurate.

    I have to wear a petticoat with this dress to achieve the proper fullness.

  • ♥~Bodice~♥
  • Sephygoth drafted a pattern just for me for the bodice. It's made from a nice black velveteen and has custom-covered buttons to match.

  • ♥~Jacket~♥
  • Made from velvet by Sephygoth. ♥


  • ♥~Gloves~♥
  • Made from velvet by Sephygoth. ♥

  • ♥~Necklace~♥
  • Made by Sephygoth ♥

  • ♥~Boots~♥
  • The boots are a pair of black leather ankle boots that I lucked into at a thrift-store and was able to restore.


  • ♥~Glasses~♥
  • Found them at the Dollar Store on Sephygoth's advice. All I had to do was paint the frames black with an enamel paint.


  • ♥~Hair~♥
  • Sephygoth styles my hair with my two burgundy ribbons whenever I wear this cosplay. ♥

  • Styling Time: 15 minutes (approx.)


Katsucon 2007: Photos taken by Eurobeat King & Popecerebus

Bakuretsucon 2006: Photos taken by *Shiva*