Variant: Orion Slave Girl "Bound" S2E17

I've been into Star Trek forever (my dad is a self proclaimed blue-blooded Trekky) and I used to sneak out of bed when I was little to watch the various series with him when they were on broadcast TV. Now I'm finally a second generation Star Trek costumer; my dad made a science officer costume with a phaser back in the 1970's for the conventions he attended then.

When I saw the episode "Bound" of Enterprise I loved the Orion Slave Girls, they were just so amazing and the episode really developed the Orions in an amazing way (I won't spoil it, since I know most people never got the chance to watch Enterprise due to the screwy schedule it had.)

Navaar was my fave in the episode and when Sephygoth insisted I looked like her, it was decided that we would do the two main girls from the set of 3 sisters.

Basic Info

  • Completed: June 2013
  • Debut: The Official Star Trek Convention Boston 2013
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Time Spent: 60 hours (approx.)
  • Estimated Cost: $?? (approx.)
  • Materials Used: Lycra-Spandex, Velvet, High Quality Lycra-Spandex, Vinyl, & Resin


  • ♥~Top~♥
  • I used fossshape to make the base shape and then covered it in velvet & vinyl trim that I made and custom colored by hand. All the straps/belts were made from the same hand custom colored vinyl The accenting was all resin cast by me with a custom mixed casting powder color, that I shaped especially for this top, & some rhinestones for accenting.

  • ♥~Bottoms~♥
  • I made the bottoms from matching velvet, specialty spandex, custom hand-colored vinyl, and lined it all with cotton fabric. The strap was attached by hand. I patterned out the bottoms from scratch while watching the episode.

  • ♥~Belt & Skirt~♥
  • Made from the custom colored vinyl fabric, a cotton backing, and a specialty spandex. The decorations were more of my custom cast resin pieces that I shaped to sit on the belt.

  • ♥~Green Bodysuit & Gloves~♥
  • Made entirely by Sephygoth with their awesome bodysuit making techniques! ♥♥♥ I installed the zipper & painted the nails with a custom mixed nail-polish color for both of us.


  • ♥~Chest Decoration~♥
  • I made it from my custom cast resin pieces, made to match the rest of the ones used through out the outfit. I connected them together to form the piece.

  • ♥~Jewelry~♥
  • In the episode you never see her feet so we had to guess. I decided to design & make some anklets to go over and fancify her feet.

  • ♥~Make-up~♥
  • The foundation was custom mixed by sephygoth to match the bodysuit fabric. I custom mixed the green eyeshadows & shading powder that I needed for Navaar.

  • ♥~Shoes~♥
  • I picked a simple pair of black stiletto heels that I already owned, since we never see her feet in the episode.



  • ♥~Wig~♥
  • I took a wavy curled wig and styled it into a bouffant with a pony-tail. I only used 1 wig, a half pack of extensions, hairspray, and a ton of bobby pins. Sephygoth trimmed the bangs while I wore it.

  • Brand: Unknown
  • Style: Unknown
  • Color: 1
  • Styling Time: 9 hours (approx.)


The Official Star Trek Convention Boston 2013: Photos taken by various people
feat. Sephygoth as D'Nesh