Variant: Default Colors

My first Morrigan cosplay was made due to a request from my boyfriend, Sephygoth; since Morrigan is one of his favorite characters from Darkstalkers. The inspiration for this particular variant came about after Sephygoth reminding me every once in a while that Morrigan has other color variants, the excitement of the game coming out, and ACP/'s blog announced they were having a shoot for Marvel vs Capcom 3 at Katsucon 2011.

It was again worn with Sepygoth as part of another Darkstalkers pair, which was even more amazingly fun! ♥ Like I mentioned before on my other Morrigan cosplay it was really a combined effort between him and I from start to finish. =^-^= ♥

Basic Info

  • Completed: February 2011
  • Debut: Katsucon 2011
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Time Spent: 16 hours (approx.)
  • Estimated Cost: $40 (approx.)
  • Materials Used: High Quality Lycra-Spandex


  • Since a good amount of the parts & pieces from the purple tights variant I made were interchangeable with this one I'm going to list the information from those here as well as the new items.

    This cosplay was really a combined effort between my boyfriend and I from start to finish since he said if I made the cosplay he would help, so I'm gonna break down what each of us did below.

  • ♥~Leotard~♥
  • My boyfriend made the pattern for the leotard from scratch, I sewed and altered it, he helped in form fitting it to me, I added the boob-holder and straps, and he fashioned and added the heart. (Made out of a very high quality specialty Lycra-spandex.)

  • ♥~Armlets~♥
  • I made the pattern for the armlets based on my original Morrigan armlets. I then had to adjust it because the fabric I got for the new armlets was significantly less stretchy than the first. (Made out of a high quality Lycra-spandex.)

  • ♥~Feathers~♥
  • Real feathers that I hand-sewed on the strap.

  • ♥~Tights~♥
  • I made a reusable pattern for the tights based on my original purple ones. The tights are made out of high quality regular Lycra-spandex. He drew on the bats on while I was wearing the tights so they looked right when worn but due to a time crunch I ended up doing the color fill on them.


  • ♥~Head Wings~♥
  • He marked the placement, I made the base armature and sculpted the part closest to the head and he sculpted the wings and claw bits out of various materials, finished the full piece, and painted both of them. They are fully removable and super lightweight for easy packing and transport.

  • ♥~Boots~♥
  • I bought a pair that were similar to hers and altered them. He marked the shape while I wore them and I cut, altered them, and sewed them to secure the hems. I will be remaking these in the near future since they took quite a beating at the con. (I started with patent vinyl boots)



  • ♥~Wig~♥
  • I took a long straight wig I got from a local shop Sephygoth trimmed the wig to proper length while I wore it and I custom-dyed it with a sharpie dye mix I customized to match her minty-sea-foamy color. Once dyed Sephygoth then styled the bangs and added the hair wings.

  • Brand: Lacey
  • Style: Long Pageboy
  • Color: 613
  • Styling Time: a week of color layering


Katsucon 2011: Photos taken by LJinto

Katsucon 2011: Photos taken by Judy the Boody, & Mesoian