Variant: Accessories - Backpack & Quiver of Arrows

While watching Inuyasha I always wanted to make her backpack especially since I thought it would be super useful at cons to tote around my stuff. When I lucked into a working 1970's Singer sewing machine that someone dumped in a Home Depot parking lot, and then finding the perfect yellow duck in JoAnn Fabrics I knew it was meant to happen and I scraped together the $30 and this project began.

Basic Info

  • Completed: October 2004
  • Debut: Anime Boston 2005
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Time Spent: 30 hours (approx.)
  • Estimated Cost: $35 (approx.)
  • Materials Used: Duck, Cotton, Cotton Belting, Cotton Cording, Metal findings
  • Quiver of Arrows
  • Completed: June 2004
  • Debut: AnimeNEXT 2004
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Time Spent: 10 hours (approx.)
  • Estimated Cost: $20 (approx.)
  • Materials Used: Vinyl, PVC, Rope, Wooden Dowels, Feathers


  • ♥~Backpack~♥
  • I used a yellow duck fabric for the body and custom-dyed bias-tape, piping, woven cording for the drawstring, & woven strapping for all the trims and such. The hardware is all metal, and the buckles took me "forever" to find the perfect ones.

    I used a base pattern for the backpack, but I had to draft one for the pockets, the top flap, and the straps since I wanted it to be accurate.

    At times my sewing machine would get "angry" with me because of all the layers of thick fabric I was trying to send through it. All the edges are fray-checked since duck likes to fray and the fray-check makes them look all nice.


  • ♥~Shikon no Kakera~♥
  • I found a cute little glass bottle at a local craft store and I filled it with a few plastic gems that looked like the shards in the show. I then added a white leather cord so I could wear it like a necklace.

  • ♥~Mirror~♥
  • I found a compact mirror that looks like the one Kagome has at the beginning of movie 2.

  • ♥~Inuyasha's Kotodama no Nenju~♥
  • I bought the official Japanese released one, that came out as a promo item for Movie 3.

  • ♥~Travel Toothbrush Kit~♥
  • I found a travel toothbrush kit complete with the cup case like Kagome has in the show.

  • ♥~Inuyasha Manga~♥
  • As can been seen in one episode of the anime while she's looking through her backpack.

  • ♥~Food~♥
  • I always stash a bunch of snacks & "ninja food" in my bag as well: Cup noodles, Candy, Snacks, and many other assorted goodies.

Quiver of Arrows

  • ♥~Quiver of Arrows~♥
  • I made the quiver and arrows with the help of my dad. We used some vinyl, PVC, wooden dowels, rope, and real fletching feathers. It was a really fun project to make together.

  • ♥~Bow~♥
  • I made the bow with the help of my dad. We used a wooden dowels, wire, and a strip of rag.


Photo taken by Starlightslk

AnimeNEXT 2005: Photos taken by unknown

Anime Boston 2005: Photos taken by DaveNG

AnimeNEXT 2004: Photo taken by unknown