Variant: Outfit 1

I always loved how adorably cute Hinata was and had wanted to cosplay her when I first watched the show but she got put off since I had to make Temari for a group at Otakon 2005, but I'm so glad I did get to cosplay her. It was a bit of a challenge making this cosplay at that time because I had never embroidered anything before or custom-dyed a wig plus I was going to school full time.

Basic Info

  • Completed: December 2005
  • Debut: Ohayocon 2006
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Time Spent: 40 hours (approx.)
  • Estimated Cost: $165 (approx.)
  • Materials Used: Upholstery Weight Twill, Faux-Fur, Twill, Duck, Metal


  • ♥~Jacket~♥
  • The jacket is made from a heavy-weight twill and is a good spring/fall jacket on it's own. XD It has a fully functional metal zipper and draw-string hood. I made the pattern for it by altering together several patterns. The fluff was mostly hand stitched on. For the patches, I drafted the pattern based on my reference pictures and then I hand embroidered both of them and I love how they came out.

  • ♥~Shirt~♥
  • I purchased a white v-neck knit shirt and I custom dyed it and then I hand stitched fishnet in place.

  • ♥~Pants~♥
  • I hemmed up a pair of navy colored pants I found at a thrift store to make her capris and then added on athletic tape to the right leg under where the kunai pouch goes.


  • ♥~Kunai~♥
  • The kunai props are official merchandise I purchased at convention.

  • ♥~Kunai Pouch~♥
  • I developed a pattern for the kunai pouch from scratch, and it's actually a functional pouch. I made it out of some black duck.

  • ♥~Back Pouch~♥
  • I developed a pattern for the kunai pouch from scratch, and it's actually a functional pouch. I made it out of some natural duck.

  • ♥~Forehead Protector~♥
  • I made the cloth part out of navy blue duck, to match the sandals. and the metal part was from an official forehead protector that I took apart.

  • ♥~Ninja Sandals~♥
  • Made from some basic summer sandals and navy blue duck. I created the pattern for these all on my own. The top part and the base sandals are permanently attached with shoe repair adhesive. (All edges are finished cause duck likes to fray.)


  • ♥~Medicine Bottle~♥
  • The medicine bottle was a bottle I found in Chinatown and I painted it the right color.


  • ♥~Wig~♥
  • I started with a Lulu in Femme (light purple) which I cut to the proper tapered back with face-framing bits. To dye it I used a mix of 2 of Katie Bair's dyes but when that didn't darken it enough I had to supplement with a custom-mixed sharpie dye to finish the job. It was a challenge because it was the first time I ever had to make my own custom dye.

  • Brand: Amphigory
  • Style: Lulu
  • Color: Femme (Light Purple)
  • Styling Time: 7 hours (approx.)


Boston Cosplay Ice-Skating 2005:Photos taken by LousyItachi & Sephygoth